The majority of businesses operating in Ireland are SME’s and this is our core business. We love working with SME’s and we provide a range of services which are tailored to SME’s including audit, accounting and assurance, taxation compliance, company secretarial and non-executive directorship. We also provide a financial controller service to organisations that do not require a full-time finance director but do require access to such expertise on a part-time or infrequent basis. In that role we work closely with the business owners.

Many large accountancy firms operate a “silo” mentality when providing key services to SME’s leaving the business owner with no one who has a holistic overview of their organisation. At Kiely & Co, we understand the needs of the entrepreneur. We provide all services through a single relationship manager who will maintain an overall knowledge of the business and the business owner. Every person working on the assignment will be fully briefed in advance and with the use of CRM systems your relationship manager will keep the team informed.